Denton County House Movers - We Move Anything!

Take a look at some of our past jobs below. Denton County House Movers is the premiere house and structural mover in North Texas. We can move anything - from small school classrooms to 3 Story Historical Houses. See us in action by viewing our gallery.

Bayless-Shelby House

In February, of 1998 the city of Denton had an auction for a house that sat at 1301 Myrtle Street. A resident of Denton, Mildred Hawk, won the house at auction. Mrs. Hawk gave the house to the Denton Historical Commission for restoration as a museum in April of 1998. The structure was then relocated by Denton County House Movers from 1310 Myrtle Street to 317 Mulberry Street (approx 2.5 miles). This three story Victorian style home was 46 foot wide and 75 foot long, and weighed 180 tons. In September 29, 2001 the structure was opened as the Bayless-Shelby House Museum. It along with two other structures relocated by Denton County House Movers can be seen in the Historical Park of Denton located at 317 Mulberry Street.

Sunset Community Center

This structure was initially an old school building built in 1918, and was later used as a Community Center for the town of Sunset. The building was 36 foot wide, 70 foot long and 26 foot tall. Denton County House Movers relocated the structure 20 miles into the city of Sunset were it is currently being restored to its original condition.

Cooper Creek Baptist Church

This is the original building for Cooper Creek Baptist Church. It is known to be one of the oldest Churches in Denton County. The church was 36 foot wide, 65 foot long and 24 foot tall with a weight of 60 tons. Denton County House Movers relocated this structure on the church’s property in order to make way for a new sanctuary.

County Line Rd. Bridge

County Line Rd. Bridge was located on the western edge of Denton County. Due to Denton’s growth the bridge needed to be relocated to make way for a new four-lane bridge. This bridge was 80 foot long, 22 foot wide and 15 foot tall. County Line Rd. Bridge was moved 25 miles to its current location at North Lakes Park in the city of Denton.

Tilt Wall Building

Denton County House Movers were called when one of the 60-ton concrete walls had fell 5 inches. The wall was raised with our Jahns Hydraulic Jacking System, and held in place while a concrete footing was poured that would support the weight of the wall.

Nancy Jesse Law Office

Denton County House Movers were called to relocate this 2-story home in order to make way for a new Walgreens. Originally the structure was located on the corner of Locust St. and Main St. in the city of Denton. The original brick, which was in poor condition, was removed for this move. This particular structure was 36 foot wide 58 foot long and 30 tall with a weight of 120 tons.

A route of 6 miles was taken in order to deliver this office to its new location. After arriving on the new 70-foot lot, the structure was rotated 90 degrees on slide beams and put into an appropriate position. This home is now a law officeand proudly sits on McKinney Street in the city of Denton right across from the Denton County Court House.